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Foxtails Foxtail control 
proposed in city's
2023 budget 

Contact your City Council rep to support this expenditure!

The No. 1 issue that FIDO folks tell us about is the pressing need to get rid of foxtails on Fiesta Island -- those pesky, often dangerous seed heads that can burrow into our dogs. Our experts tell us that control is best done with repeated, well-timed mowings in the spring, so we've pushed for that for years with limited success. 

Well, there is some progress!

Here's an item from Councilmember Jennifer Campbell's May Revised Budget Adjustment Recommendations - Fiscal Year 2023 Budget:

"Fiesta Island Foxtail Weed Removal - We request additional funding to support proactive efforts to eliminate foxtails on Fiesta Island. As the largest dog park in San Diego, the City must strive to control and eliminate dangerous foxtails to protect our dogs."

We're hoping this will be approved in the 2023 budget. Although Fiesta Island is in Councilmember Campbell's district, please consider contacting your city council member to request that they also support this important expenditure.

If you are in Jen Campbell's district, you can send an email thanking her for putting this into the proposed budget. 

Here's a link to a city web site with all San Diego City Council members -- just click on an email address and write your message!

Foxtail on dog

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