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Foxtails at Fiesta (002).resized for newsletter1Foxtail alert

Spring is almost here, and with it come the foxtails that we all dread.

For those who have been coming to the island for a long time, you know that the dry barbs can get in the dogs' fur and be harmful. For those newer users, be on the lookout. (See pictures.)

FIDO is working with the city and other organizations on long-term solutions, but in the meantime, please keep an eye out and check over your dog's fur when you leave (especially ears, nose, and paws).

Some of us, when walking through the Dog Park, pull up a few foxtails and throw them away (into the trash, not on the ground where the seeds can spread), especially those with heads blooming. Every little bit helps, and maybe we can make a dent this year -- each one we pull won't be reseeding and getting in our dogs' fur. Foxtails are annuals, so they have one shot (right about now!) at spreading their seeds, then they die.

A lot of them are getting heads (seeds) on them in the area between the trees and the fence on the east side, so this is space that we can especially keep an eye on to see if we can help. 
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