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URGENT! Please Help Us Save the Off-leash Area!

Fiesta Island shoreline people and dogsFIDO supports the city's plan for Fiesta Island, which includes Option B and was unanimously approved by the City Council. The final approval will be on June 10th by the Coastal Commission. Plan B preserves the off-leash area open and intact. FIDO has worked for 15 years to get this through various committees, including the SD City Council by a unanimous vote.

Unfortunately, the Commission Staff is recommending that the Commissioners throw out Option B and instead approve Option A, which puts a road, fences, parking lots, etc. in the fenced area, cutting the off-leash area in half. It also reduces our space, reduces our shoreline access, and prevents us from walking the extremely popular California Coastal Berm and Shoreline trail around the perimeter of the fenced area.

NOW IS THE TIME WHEN YOUR INPUT MATTERS THE MOST! Please submit personal stories to the Commission about why it's so important to keep the area intact as an off-leash park for you and your family.

Our task is to educate the Commissioners about the importance of water access for off-leash users of all ages and backgrounds and ask them to support the City's plan including Option B. It establishes access to this shoreline for the greatest number of people and uses.

Let the Commissioners know what this area means to you personally, NOT just your dog, and why it is important to support the City's LCP which preserves our area intact and undivided.

• It preserves the shoreline and berm loop California Coastal Trail
• It provides free public access to ALL
• It is an oasis in the middle of a large urban area
• It continues all the unprogrammed uses that occur there today
• It prevents privatization of public shoreline for a private boat club

Go to our website (, which has a link to the Coastal Commission Agenda page and instructions on how you can leave your comments. We've also included several bullet points you can use in writing your comments.

 Comments MUST be submitted by 5PM on Friday, June 4th to be accepted by the commissioners before their meetings on June 9th, 10th and 11th.

The FIDO website also has instructions on how to watch/listen to the proceedings as well as instructions on how to submit a speakers slip if you wish to speak during the meeting. 

FIDO is a California 501(c)3 non-profit corporation run by volunteers dedicated to protecting and improving the fenced off-leash dog park on Fiesta Island.Third photo fisheye of beach

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